GreenCarReports: 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show Coverage

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Mercedes-Benz E-Cell Plus extended-range electric car, Frankfurt Motor Show, 2009

Mercedes-Benz E-Cell Plus extended-range electric car, Frankfurt Motor Show, 2009

It's time: the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show is upon us, and High Gear Media is live at the biggest, hottest Messe in the world to bring you the latest on green cars, diesels, electric cars, hybrid electric vehicles, E-REVs, and NEVs right here at

We've previewed the Frankfurt show for you in the past few weeks, and now we're launching our CoverItLive updates and Twitter feeds to keep you updated on the latest breaking news from the show floor and the annual night of previews that begins in a few hours, on Central European Time.

The doors to the eleven halls at the Frankfurt show open early on September 14--but GreenCarReports has previews of almost all the new earth-friendlier vehicles you'll read about elsewhere. Here's our advance glimpse at what's going to be green in Frankfurt: the fuel efficient, high-gas-mileage, advanced technology vehicles that promise to change the way we drive and live.Leave us your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. You can see more on the new cars and concepts from Frankfurt over on TheCarConnection and Motor Authority--and follow High Gear Media's live Twitter feed from the show right here:

Audi R8 "e-tron" and others

The sports-luxury end of the expanding empire of VW has fanned the flames of alt-fuel fascination with a microsite,, showing a countdown clock to its Frankfurt press event.

"What happened to electricity?" asks the site. "It got dumbed down and domesticated. It's stuck inside toothbrushes and coffee makers."

"But on September 15, 2009," it teases, "electricity, and all its force and power, will run wild and free and completely untamed."

Included are four viral videos on the raw power of electricity. They show a runaway electric lawn mower, a lightning strike, an electric go-kart at speed, and an arcing power station. (We would have embedded one or two, but they broke our browser; go to the site to view 'em.)

Media speculation now centers on a possible all-electric version of the Audi R8 supercar. It would be the first direct competition by an established brand for the electric 2009 Tesla Roadster.

Audi has denied claims of an electric R8, but the site's promise falls flat if the carmaker reveals nothing more than a hybrid-electric version of its mass-market hatchback, the Audi A3 Hybrid.

If the A3 Hybrid does appear, it would almost surely share technology with last year’s Volkswagen Golf TwinDrive hybrid, which may itself be shown in a new version or as a production car.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept, 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show


The men from Munich most surely stole a march on Mercedes when they unveiled their BMW Concept EfficientDynamics coupe last week.

It's a hybrid, it's a diesel, it's got a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine--mounted in the rear. As we said at the time, Hell has just frozen over.

The little turbodiesel three puts out 163 horsepower. Two electric motors, one each end, are run by a lithium-ion battery pack, for a total of 356 hp and an awesome 590 foot-pounds of torque.

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