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  • THINK City on hire in the Alps

    As an electric car enthusiast or recently-converted gearhead, you'll no doubt be aware of the huge variety of clubs out there for virtually any make and model or automotive scene you can think of. For many people, a thriving scene and great social network might be the difference between choosing one model over another, and can certainly be useful once you've chosen your wheels of choice, providing all sorts of hints, tips and opportunities to share your passion with like-minded enthusiasts. Clubs go hand-in-hand with many vehicles, especially in the classic and specialist vehicle scenes...

  • 2011 Chevrolet Volt
    Five New Electric Cars We'll See At The 2010 L.A. Auto Show

    One of the biggest motoring events of the year is just around the corner - the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show. Manufacturers will be out in force with the best of their product lineup and a combination of glitzy stands and glitzy girls to make the metal seem that little bit more appealing. What we're...

  • Mercedes-Benz E-Cell Plus extended-range electric car, Frankfurt Motor Show, 2009
    GreenCarReports: 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show Coverage

    It's time: the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show is upon us, and High Gear Media is live at the biggest, hottest Messe in the world to bring you the latest on green cars, diesels, electric cars, hybrid electric vehicles, E-REVs, and NEVs right here at We've previewed the Frankfurt show...

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