Prior to the unveiling of the Nissan LEAF, we brought you countless stories about promises and memorandums of understanding that Nissan had signed with numerous utility companies and municipalities spanning the globe.  These agreements were met to ensure that there would be adequate charging infrastructure in place for the LEAF when it debuts next year.

Nissan has assigned several individuals to follow up on the signed memorandums.  In the U.S. they have both an East Coast and a West Coast corporate planning group whose job it is to following up with municipalities and make sure that work is progressing towards the installation of a charging infrastructure for the LEAF.  The task of the two groups is to access the progress towards the memorandum agreement and help assist any companies who have encountered roadblocks along the way of providing a charging infrastructure.

In addition to the public charging, Nissan is hard at work with at home charging, the primary charging method expected to be used by LEAF owners.  Nissan is working with several partners on a device called EVSE, a 220 volt, in home charging system.  The company is trying to speed up the installation process and is still debating whether to take on the task of installation itself, or to contract out to an outside company for the in-home charging system install.

According to Nissan, there are tremendous options available for charging ranging from high to low voltage charging lines for fast charging or slow charging the vehicle.  The options are endless and selecting a desirable charging system for home and public use is a long, selective process.

Nissan believes that the LEAF can be fully charged for as little as 80 cents if consumers charge during off peak hours and take advantage of off peak electricity prices.

With the LEAF a little over a year away, Nissan is trying to guarantee that a charging infrastructure will be in place in time for its arrival and is working hard with municipalities and utility companies to secure this goal.

Source:  Wards Auto (Login required)