When Hyundai releases their Sonata Hybrid in late 2010 they'll be entering a crowded field. The critically acclaimed Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Toyota Camry Hybrid, and the Nissan Altima Hybrid, already compete in this "green" midsize sedan segment. Hyundai hopes that the Sonata will distinguish itself from all of these with a lithium-polymer battery design that weighs less and lasts longer than than the nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion batteries of today.

Testing of the new technology is moving right along - literally. KGP Photography spotted the Sonata Hybrid in the desert, decked out in what looks like a giant Hefty bag, with the aforementioned competition close-at-hand. The camouflage can't hide the new shape of the vehicle, which appears to follow the industry trend of making sedans look like four door coupes.

Check out Autoblog for more pictures and stay tuned. We'll keep our eyes peeled for any other hybrid sightings.

Source: Autoblog