Element Charging Station

Element Charging Station

If your vehicle requires a plug and you find yourself near Boston, you might consider staying at the Element Lexington hotel. The hotel's parent company, Starwood, has partnered with CarbonDay Automotive to offer a ChargePoint Networked Charging Station to guests and other area travelers.

The Element Lexington, which opened in July of 2008 was the first of Starwood's line of eco-chic hotels. Now it will become the first hotel with charging stations for EVs. Potential users can find out where the station is located and whether it's occupied using Google Maps. Swiping a keyfob will make the power available to anything from a Segway Scooter to an electric car, bike or bus.

"By offering a charging station for electric vehicles, we are deepening our commitment to greener travel as a key part of an environmentally responsible lifestyle," says Starwood's Brian McGuinness, senior vice president, specialty select brands, in a statement. "We are proud to be playing a part in the development of the infrastructure needed to support the anticipated increase in electric vehicles over the next several years."

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Sources: Hospitality Design, Travel Daily News