Recently we reported that Toyota had little intent on producing an EV in the near future, they instead intend to focus solely on hybrids.  Therefore, it's not surprising that rumors are swirling around about a possible Prius based sporty hybrid coupe.

Toyota may build this coupe as a direct competitor to Honda's upcoming CR-Z hybrid sports coupe.  Never willing to give ground to Honda, it seems likely that this vehicle could see production.

According to a Japanese focused website, Toyota is working on this sporty coupe.  It will be based off of the Prius but will ride on a shortened platform and have additional horsepower than a Prius.

The Prius sports coupe will use the 1.8 liter engine and Hybrid Synergy Drive from the current Prius.  The additional power output is expected to be around 30% more than the current Prius.  This additional horsepower and associated performance will increase gas consumption and reduce fuel economy by about 10%.

The coupe will utilize a 2+2 seat configuration and much of the interior is likely to be carried over from the current Prius.  One thing that will use no parts from the bin of the Prius is the exterior.  The 2 door setup will have fresh sheetmetal and a unique look.

The vehicle could debut by sometime during the 2012 model year and will likely be priced above any of the Prius models.

The photo shown is just a possible rendering of the vehicle.  No exterior shots have been released and likely will be unavailable for some time. 

 Stay with us for future abouts about Toyota's competitor to Honda CR-Z.