Honda's Insight hybrid was revealed at NAIAS today and is expected to arrive at a dealership near you in April. The Insight uses a 1.3-liter SOHC aluminum-alloy i-VTEC engine, a continuously variable automatic transmission and integrated motor assist hybrid technology to achieve a U.S. EPA city/highway fuel-economy rating of 40/43 miles per gallon. That's good, just not Prius good.

Regardless, Honda has been emphatic about undercutting Toyota's pricing on the Prius. The base price of the Insight is expected to be between $18,000 and $20,000 - 10% to 20% cheaper than the base Prius. 

The difference between the two vehicles doesn't stop at fuel economy or cost. The Insight's styling mimics that of the FCX Fuel Cell Clarity concept that's currently being tested by a few rich people in California. The Insight also includes several features to aid in more efficient driving practices. The Econ mode optimizes the powertrain to improve fuel economy. The speedometer background changes from green to blue as the driver's right foot grows heavier. Overall "green" performance is tracked by leaves growing on the display in front of you. Honda calls this group of systems "Eco Assist."

No, it's not a Prius, nor is it the original 70 mpg Insight of a decade ago. It's the hybrid car for the day. Now who turned down those gas prices?

Source: PRNewswire, See a full review at Jalopnik, Image: Green Car Advisor