Tesla Roadster NYC

Tesla Roadster NYC

Tesla Motors announced today that they're partnering with Bank of America to offer financing on their Roadster. This begs the following question: If you need to finance the Roadster, should you be buying one?

Tesla has always been very protective of their customers' identities, but we know at least two of them: George Clooney and Will.i.a.m. One is a filthy rich actor and the other is a dirty rich musician. Neither of them need a bank loan. We'll go out on a limb and say that the average Roadster customer doesn't need Bank of America's help.

The good news is, if you're a regular schmuck like the rest of us, you can swing the mortgage-like monthly payment, and you meet BOA's underwriting requirements, you could find yourself behind the wheel of your own Tesla supercar.

It would almost be like paying for your car three times over. You've got the principal, the interest, and the tax money you already gave to the nation's largest bank via the federal government. Cheers!

Source: Tesla via Autoblog Green