A Dutch website that is dedicated to hybrid and electric vehicles has been conducting an online poll asking visitors to rank their top choices in the EV and hybrid categories.  The list of entrants include among other the Tesla Roadster, the Chevy Volt, the Pininfarina Blue Car, and the Think City.  But another little known entrant the DuraCar Quicc Diva came out on the top of the list.

After earning top honors, the Quicc Diva now holds onto the title given by the site as the car of the future.  Yes the vehicle is built in the Netherlands which likely led to the top honors award, but that aside it does offer a lot of virtues such as compact size and low price.  The Chevy Volt held the top spot down to the wire, but in the end the compact city friendly Diva jumped ahead.

DuraCar CEO Steen Wim Baker was presented with an award denoting his company as winner of the contest.  The award was presented by the Minister of Economic Affairs Maria van der Hoeven.  Even though the company won the title, all is not well.  They recently declared bankruptcy and the expected builder for the winning vehicle, Karmann also declared bankruptcy.

DuraCar plans to come out of bankruptcy and still plans to produce the Diva by the third quarter of 2010.  They will begin building 25 Divas a day and are trying hard to catch up as the vehicle is now a year behind schedule.  They have received funds from Volkswagen which could help them get back on track.

The car of the future according to one poll is the DuraCar Quicc Diva, tell us what you think the car of the future should be.

Source:  ZERAuto