Tomberlin Anvil

Tomberlin Anvil

It's a Jeep! It's a golf cart! No! It's an Anvil?

The Georgia based Tomberlin Group showcased their electric low speed vehicle (LSV) on the CBS Early Show on Monday and it looks nothing like anything else on the road today. Dubbed the "Anvil," it has a top speed of 25 miles per hour and is legal for any roads in the U.S. with posted speed limits at or below 35 mph.

CEO, Mike Tomberlin, presented his company's creation with pride, noting that the Anvil can be driven legally on 68% of the roads in America. His national television appearance also gave him the opportunity to publicly ask Congress for legislation promoting a "class of commuter oriented vehicles." Tomberlin says the Anvil was specifically designed for the short, local trips, under seven miles, which account for 15 billion total miles traveled in the U.S. every year.

The $16,000 Anvil uses a 50 horsepower electric motor and can go about 40 miles on a charge.  It stores power in six 12-volt batteries and there's an onboard charger that plugs into a standard wall socket. It comes complete with dual-setting heated front seats and an MP3, CD, AM/FM stereo system.

Production is underway and deliveries will begin later this year. Coming soon to a badass in a retirement community near you.

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