The Canadian car company ZENN is offering a deal through the end of June to sell their neighborhood electric vehicle the LSV for less than $10,000. 

Before you jump on this deal, remember a neighborhod EV has limited range and limited speed capabilities.  The ZENN LSV is capable of reaching speeds of 25 mph and is only legal on roads with speed limits posted at 35 mph or less.  The LSV is more an urban runabout than a car, a souped up golf cart, not your only means of transportation.

With that said, the ZENN LSV is actually $4,750 off of its listed price until the end of June.  Combined with tax incentives, you can own the $15,995 LSV for only $9,995.  ZENN has made the price cut effective for a limited time to get early adopters into their vehicles.

Source:  ZENN Press Release