The International Electrotechnical Commission, abbreviated as the IEC, is working hard to establish a standard for the smart electrical grid with the capability of communicating with other vehicles.

Previously we had reported about the standard the IEC is working on for the charging cable, but they are also concurrently working on a standardized smart grid system.  The standardization is necessary to keep millions of vehicles from all recharging during peak usage hours.

The group that is hard at work includes several European automakers as well as one American company, Tesla Motors Inc.

The IEC calls its research the smart-grid initiative.  Along with automakers, they are working closely with 13 countries including the U.S.  They hope to work as an entire group towards a global solution to the EV charging situation.

So far, they have submitted a recommendation to 19 technical committees.  The plan will be discuss in length in September in Washington, D.C.

The commission is approaching the smart grid in a holistic manner.  Their first objective is to set up a web site that will allow for smart grid developers to check on other research, proposals, and requirements before constituting a system.

According to research, many countries would be unable to create enough electricity during peak hours to charge millions of electric cars without building additional power plants.  But a smart grid, that recharges the majority of cars during low electricity usage times, would be able to meet the demand with now additional power sources necessary.

The need for a smart grid system is high and many are interested and hopeful for the success of such a system.  By working together with numerous nations, and countless automakers, the IEC hopes to come up with a solution as soon as possible.

Source:  Wards Auto  (Login required)