• Nissan Leaf hearse

    They may be painted the customary black, but why shouldn't hearses be green? Most people take their final journeys in hearses based on large luxury sedans, usually Cadillac or Lincoln models in the U.S. But a U.K. funeral home has teamed with an aftermarket company to create a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative. DON'T MISS: Autonomous Electric Hearse: Designer's Concept For The Last Mile (Sep 2015) Leverton & Sons offers patrons what it calls the "Eco-Hearse," which is a converted Nissan Leaf electric car. While not the only unusual Leaf conversion out there, the hearse is...

  • Korbiyor autonomous electric hearse
    Autonomous Electric Hearse: Designer's Concept For The Last Mile

    Here's one concept for a future driver-less electric hearse.

  • Brahms Plug-in Hybrid Hearse
    Plug-in Hearse Offers To Whisk You Silently To Your Grave

    Losing a loved one is never easy. Neither is planning a funeral afterward. Now a firm in the U.K. claims it can help provide an appropriate form of transport for electric car owners looking for a green way to make their final journeys. An engineering firm with several years of experience with...

  • 2010 Toyota Prius hearse by Leqios
    A Toyota Prius To Die For: The High-Mileage Hybrid Hearse

    Sometimes all we can say is that it's a privilege to write for AllAboutPrius.com. It's just never, ever dull around here. Today, for your delight, we bring you the world's highest-mileage hearse, which also happens to have the lowest carbon footprint of any casket-transport device short of the...

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