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You know a revolution has truly taken hold when one of the world's largest oil companies decides to launch its own electric car program.

And today that is exactly what happened. In Baltimore, ExxonMobil has announced it will be sponsoring a new electric car sharing and rental program called AltCar.

The car it is based on is called the Maya 300 which is powered exclusively by lithium ion batteries. The batteries are supplied by Electrovaya which feature ExxonMobil proprietary separators, that act to prevent thermal runaway.

“Through innovations like these showcased in this innovative program and world-class exhibit, ExxonMobil is helping make vehicles more efficient,” said Jim Harris, senior vice president, polymers, ExxonMobil Chemical Company. “We believe that advances in technology are the solution to many of the toughest energy challenges. Our scientists and researchers are committed to finding and applying those technologies where we can, including on the car you drive.”

The fleet of cars will be available for all day rentals to residents and tourists at the science center in the Baltimore Inner Harbor. They are 4 door-5 seat vehicles means for urban driving.

Whats next, is Philip Morris going to sell running shoes?

Source (ExxonMobil)