Bright Automotive has assembled a team of leading battery pack experienced individuals and hopes that their real world knowledge of batteries will make them front runners for government grant funding.  Click here to read about who Bright Automotive has added to their experienced team.

According to Bright Automotive VP of Corporate Strategy Michael Brylawski, "Arguably, no company in the U.S. has as much real world automotive battery pack experience as the Bright Automotive team."

Bright recently applied for two grants to help them put their Bright Idea plug-in on the road as soon as possible.  The grants would be used to build a design center and a manufacturing facility which would employ up to 5,000 workers.

Bright believes that they experienced team puts them in the lead as grants are issued later this summer.

Bright's team of workers have extensive knowledge with several real world electric vehicle projects including the EV1, the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the GM Two-Mode Hybrid (which is or will also be in use by Dodge, BMW, Mercedes) and experience working on the Segway.

Bright's future lies in the grants coming their way.  We will update you as the grants recipients are announced this summer.

Source:  Bright