Jaguar XE Roadster

Jaguar XE Roadster

Jaguar has been undergoing a transformation. They've changed parent companies, they've produced new, attractive designs targeted to younger buyers, and they've improved vehicle quality. And like most other carmakers, they're positioning themselves to go green (or at least improve their corporate average fuel economy).

In that vein, Motor Trend is reporting that the luxury auto company is developing an extended range hybrid powertrain similar to what's in the upcoming Chevy Volt, for their future two-seat XE roadster. An electric motor will share duties with a three cylinder gas engine, giving buyers an eco-friendly alternative to the naturally aspirated and supercharged 5.0 liter V8s Jaguar currently makes. 

Whether the extended range XE ever sees the light of day is another story. The roadster was originally expected to debut in 2011, but the current economic climate is slowing its development.

Regardless, the news goes hand in hand with reports in April that Jaguar planned to unveil an extended range XJ sedan by 2011. Something is brewing in Coventry. Let's hope Santa brings us a Fisker Karma and Tesla Roadster competitor by Christmas of 2011.

Source: Motor Trend