Monaco, a small country in Europe situated on the Mediterranean coastline, aims to be a world leader in the adoption of electric cars.  Their prince has signed agreements with auto companies in the past and now can be seen taking a test drive in the electric Venturi Volage.  This drive marks the first official demonstration of the vehicle expected to reach the market in 2012.

Prince Albert II of Monaco was honored with the opportunity to test drive the Venturi Volage a couple weeks back during the Grand Prix of Monaco weekend.  The vehicle is the result of the combined efforts of Venturi and Michelin and features Michelin's Active Wheel design.

The Prince actually had the chance to drive this exotic sports car electric along portions of the race circuit and came out impressed.

Monaco has potential to become a prominent electric car country as it is ideally sized for electric vehicles as many would be capable of traveling across the entire country and back up to a hundred of times on a single charge.  However, it is much too small to make any real impact on the electric car market as the population totals around 30,000.

For more info about the Venturi Volage refer to the company's website.

Source:  Venturi