BMW 755iH Rear Shot

BMW 755iH Rear Shot

BMW plans the launch of two hybrid models late this year.  The models include the X6 and the 7-Series hybrid.  Recently, spy photos of the 7-Series hybrid were released, confirming BMW is well along in the prototype stages of this model.

The 7-Series hybrid designated as the 755iH is based off of the newly redesigned 7-Series Sedan, BMW's flagship vehicle.  It will use the twin turbocharged 4.4 liter V8 paired with a 20kW electric motor that is positioned between the engine and the 8 speed automatic transmission and utilizes a lithium-ion battery pack. The hybrid powertrain was developed in conjunction with Daimler.

By looking at the spy photos, the hybrid model appears nearly identical to the standard 7-Series.  Production versions may show some variations, but it's likely that very little will differentiate the two models.

BMW has not set a release date or final pricing for the 755iH yet, but an educated guess would put the vehicle somewhere north of $100,000.