Ruff and Tuff Electric Vehicles, makers of electric recreational vehicles, announced that they will produce electric cars through a spin off company called Wheego.

The companies, while technically carrying different names, will still have the same CEO and shareholders will now own shares of both companies.  Wheego will be based out of Atlanta, GA.

The focus of Wheego will be Low Speed Vehicles known as LSVs.  These vehicles can typically travel up to 25 mph and are more of a run about than an everyday car.  The company chose to create Wheego in response to the downturn in the economy which has caused them to lose sales in recreational vehicles.

The company expects to release its first electric vehicle the Wheego Whip LSV in late July.  They are also seeking a dealership network for its vehicles in anticiapation of high sales volume.

Wheego will concentrate its efforts on LSVs for now.  They cite the LSV as the perfect second vehicle for running errands while saving precious gas in the process.  Quoting CEO Mike McQuary, "You wouldn't drive a nail into your wall to hang a picture using a sledgehammer, and you shouldn't run errands around town in your gas guzzling, carbon spewing internal combustion car."

Source:  Wheego  Press Release