Wheego Whip

Wheego Whip

The Wheego Whip is a low speed electric vehicle. There are no estimates of its 0-60 time, because its top speed is 35 miles per hour. Nevertheless, Ruff and Tuff Electric Vehicles (that name is not made up) believes the Wheego will be the next whip of choice for urban drivers. With a maximum range of 30 miles per charge it seems appropriate for the frequent, short trips of city-dwellers.

RTEV plans to sell the Whip in 50 dealerships in the U.S. by May. The company says they've received applications from dealerships selling more established brands like Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Saturn and Suzuki. RTEV CEO, Mike McQuary (formerly of EarthLink and MindSpring) believes that the Wheego Whip will change the way people think about electric cars.

"We have the best affordable electric car in the world," says McQuary. "While I'm obviously biased, the feedback from the experts at our premier showing and test drive validated my belief. The assumption that electric cars are impractical for everyday transportation needs goes away once you see and test-drive the Wheego Whip. Instead the light bulb goes on, and people start to envision how this car can fit into their everyday life."

For the inquiring minds dying to purchase one of these, an auxiliary jack for your iPod will be offered.

See a mildly amusing test drive in the Wheego Whip with Tami Reed below.

Source: Wheego, Autoblog Green