Some time ago, when Tesla founder Elon Musk appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, he told Letterman the Chevrolet Volt had a maximum range of only 40 miles, which is completely incorrect. Regardless, once Dave Letterman starts bad-mouthing the range of the Volt, true or not, people start to believe him. So last night, GM's Vice President of Product Development Bob Lutz went on the Show to set Letterman, and everyone else, straight about the Volt.

Lutz also took the opportunity to let the general public know that the Volt will cost $40,000 and, minus the generous government rebate, a typical customer will pay "about $32,000 and a half."

Standing corrected and impressed, Letterman asked Lutz if he could buy the first Volt, to which Lutz replied that it has been promised to seven or eight persons, but he would put him on the list. Letterman quipped back, "When those seven or eight people put you on their show, then they can go ahead of me on the list." Answering Letterman's concerns about the loss of automotive jobs, Lutz mentioned that though the Volt will be sold globally, it will be built here in the U.S.

Watch the segment here.