For those of you who didn’t see it at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show reveal, the Lincoln Concept C is an innovative design that features a glass greenhouse like roofline and throw back suicide doors. The Concept C also boasts a potential gas mileage of 43-mpg and good power coming from a 178 horsepower 1.6-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine. Another fact of interest is that the Concept C would be the only small car in the Lincoln line-up. As’s Bengt Halvorson reported from the floor of the Detroit Auto Show, “Every small car Lincoln and Mercury have had in decades has been basically ignored by dealerships (and customers).” So would the Lincoln Concept C be the next Cadillac Cimarron? While you ponder that, check out the video below (courtesy of Joe Simpson) of J Mays talking about the Concept C and the future of Lincoln.


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