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Nissan is leaving no stone unturned in its relentless pursuit of zero-emission partnerships. The electric energy experts at AeroVironment, and the District of Columbia (D.C.) are the latest entities to partner with Japan's third largest automaker in the name of emission-free mobility.

This coincides with D.C.'s Electric Vehicle Fleet program and their other efforts to promote eco-friendly transportation. They already offer bus and rail systems in addition to bicycle and car sharing programs. The new partnership will help create the electric charging infrastructure required by future EVs.

“Many cities are talking about electrification of garages and municipal lots for their city fleets, and this is an important part of our strategy as well,” said DDOT Director Gabe Klein.  “The DC difference is that we want to make a stronger statement, for consumers and businesses to realize that this is real, they can make the change from gas to electric, and will not have to worry about where to charge their car.” Alleviating "range anxiety" has been a major concern for automakers that are planning electric models.

D.C. will take advantage of Nissan's first electric vehicles by incorporating them into the aforementioned Electric Fleet. Nissan has repeatedly committed to production ready EVs by 2010.

"Nissan through the Renault-Nissan Alliance has committed to being a global leader in zero-emission vehicles," said Dominique Thormann, senior vice president, administration and finance, Nissan North America. "Nissan and the District of Columbia share in the belief that electric vehicles offer one of the best solutions to reducing CO2 emissions."

One thing is certain. If zero-emission partnerships were the only measure of a successful EV program, Nissan would be in great shape. The Renault-Nissan Alliance now has over twenty such partnerships around the world.

Source: AeroVironment