Amidst bankruptcy, many are concerned whether or not Chrysler's electric vehicle and hybrid program will continue on.  The latest news indicates that Chrysler's EV future may still be intact.

Though Fiat is expected to bring several small cars to market in the U.S. in the next few years, there may still be a market for Chrysler EVs.  The Fiats have advanced diesel and gasoline engines which return stellar gas mileage numbers and do so cleanly, but Chrysler has a  lineup of EVs in the works that would complement the Fiat vehicles.

Some popular EVs and hybrids from Chrysler would be the Chrysler minivan and the Dodge Ram.  Those models have no direct or even close replacements available from Fiat.  Furthermore, the EV program at Chrysler has already received significant spending and canceling the program would potentially squander those resources.

According to who spoke with some Chrysler insiders, there is no hint of reduction or cutting back of the EV and hybrid programs within the company.

Much will change for Chrysler in the near future and several models will likely disappear, but to conform to the federal government and President Obama's wishes of more fuel efficient vehicles and advanced technology vehicles on the road, Chrysler's EV and hybrid programs will likely continue on.

Source:  Edmunds Green Car Advisor