Wards Auto makes a bold prediction that could prove true.  Their prediction, "The ranks of hyper-milers will grow with the Ford Fusion Hybrid volume." 

Hyper-milers are drawn to gauges that tell you how good you are doing.  Gauges that accurately display real time fuel economy, battery power and such are what many hyper-millers us to determine how to drive in the most efficient manner.  The Ford Fusion Hybrid's gauge and display system is engaging for the driver and draw immediate attention.

Ford has done it right as their gauge assembly is highly praised by the Wards staff how printed a thorough review of the gauge system alone in a recent article.

A brief recap of the system highlights follow.  The Fusion Hybrid uses a vibrant blue colored display.  They are positioned on both side of the speedometer and can be changed to display different information including battery charge and real time fuel mileage numbers.

So far, the gauges are pretty standard for a hybrid, but Ford trumps the competition in resolution and detail on their display.  According to Wards, there is a slight learning curve to get the most out of the system, but it is not difficult.

There are some eye catching details such as a tachometer that disappears on its own to display the battery status when the vehicle goes into electric only mode.  Another detail involves the gas gauge that appears to actually show liquid going down in level in a small glass.

The entire system is the design of Johnson Controls and is named Smart Gauge with EcoGuide.  Consistent with the Ford Fusion Hybrid commercials, leaves and vines are also displayed on the system.  The leaves called "Efficiency Leaves" tell you if you are being a green driver.  Keep the leaves on the trees and all is well, try your best to not make them fall.

The involvement that the system requires from the driver makes the driver attentive to their fuel usage and tempts them to be as green as they can be.  Similar systems are standard fare on hybrids, but the Ford Fusion Hybrid takes the game to a whole new level.

Source:  Wards Auto