At 9:08 yesterday morning, a team of drivers managed to surpass the 1,000 mile mark in a production 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. An astounding feat considering that all of the miles were driven on only one tank of gas.  But with 1/3 tank of fuel left, the team pushed on.

At 5:37 am this morning, they finally burned their last drop of gas.  The team recorded 1,445.7 miles on a single tank of fuel and finished with an average fuel economy number of 81.5 miles per gallon.

The team surpassed the 1,000 mile  mark with Nascar Driver Carl Edwards behind the wheel. Not a person you would normally associated with the slow driving techniques and other hypermilling techniques used to achieve this amazing feat.

The 1,000 Mile Challenge started Saturday morning and the team of drivers reached the 1,000 mile mark some 47 hours later. 47 continuous hours of driving without refueling.  Their initial goal of 1,000 miles was surpassed and they continued driving for nearly another day before running out of fuel.

Through gentle throttle use and cautious driving, the team of drivers were able to achieve over 80 miles per gallon through the course of the event.

For info about the 1,000 Mile Challenge and more back-story information refer to the article below.


Source:  Ford