At a recent conference, BMW chairman Norbert Reithofer announced plans to launch a new electric car called the Megacity.

Presently BMW has built nearly 500 electric-conversion MINI coopers called MINI Es. These will go into the hands of willing field testers in NY, NJ, and CA within weeks. The year long fiedl trial will provide valuable real-world driving data for BMW.

Apparently this will go to good use when BMW rolls out the next-in-line Megacity.

"With the Megacity vehicle, we are pursuing a radical approach toward establishing a truly sustainable value chain - from development to production and sales," said Reithofer . "This vehicle will be the first of a range of near-zero emission vehicles. Customers will have the choice between a fully electric drive and a high efficiency combustion engine. Large-scale production could start in the first half of the next decade."

It remains unclear exactly what the Megacity will look like or what drivetrain it will get.

And though BMW is enthusiastic about electric cars, clearly they think mass adoption will be a slow process as varying driving needs of individuals gradually can be met.

"Euphoria is not called for - not yet anyway," Reithofer said. "It will take years and years before electric cars will be a common sight on our roads."

Source (WIRED)