With Mitsubishi recently stating that they plan to focus on hybrid and electric cars and offering a bold new energy statement that they plan to offer fully electrified city cars in the near future, it comes as no surprise that Mitsubishi will be revealing a new plug in hybrid concept at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. 

This new plug in hybrid concept will be based on a reworked version of the Concept cX.  Mitsubishi calls the new concept version the zC.  The zC will be the a part of Mitsubishi's overall alternative energy strategy that positions them near the top in the market for hybrid vehicles and plug in electrics.  Mitsubishi plans to offer fully electric small city cars as well as plug in hybrids in a upmarket segment.

The new concept zC, to be unveiled in Tokyo, appears to be based on a small Mitsubishi Outlander platform and sources confirm that it will be built on the companies GS platform which underpins both the Lancer and the Outlander.  The zC is expected to be in production within the next three years.  The zC has design cues of a small crossover vehicle and would provide Mitsubishi with a competitive vehicle to the upcoming Nissan Qazana.

The Mitsubishi Concept zC is a hatchback that draws from the looks of the Lancer Sportback.  However, the zC has additional ground clearance giving it the look of the Racing Lancer used by Mitsubishi in the Dakar rally.

Look for the Mitsubishi Concept zC at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show that opens its doors to the public on October 23rd and runs until November 8th.

Source:  autocar.co.uk