Nissan is planing the North American release of a 100 mile range 5-seat electric car in 2012.  These cars should have the capacity of collecting 80 miles of driving range in 30 minutes of charge time.

To capitalize on that, apparently the automaker has plans to deploy a network of public charging stations at the same time they roll out the cars.

Part of the plan for those stations is to ask their dealerships to install them locally as a courtesy to drives who pass through the towns.  They also want to install them alongside fast food restaurants.

Per Mark Perry who is  Nissan's director of product planning and strategy, the first charging dealership will be started in Sonoma County, California.

Per Perry "The enabler for adoption of electric-vehicle technology is the charging network," Perry says. "It will take three layers of charging: home chargers in the garage; workplace charging, including parking lots and garages in downtown business areas; and a public infrastructure built around the normal transportation areas, shopping malls, movie theaters, restaurants and airports."

Source (Automotive News, subscription)