2010 Fisker Karma

2010 Fisker Karma

Angelina Jolie wasn't the hottest thing on TV last night during the Oscars. Luxury electric car maker Fisker ran two 60 second spots during the Academy Awards preview show on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles. Don't get your hopes up if you live outside of L.A. though.

According to public relations chief, Russell Datz, the ads were targeted to an audience that, "...we think would most appreciate an environmentally friendly luxury vehicle." Datz went on to say that Fisker has no plans for a comprehensive ad campaign.

The Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid sports sedan is expected to launch in 2010 at a base of $87,900. You can reserve one now for a cool $5,000. If you'd prefer to go topless, the Karma S convertible can be reserved for $25,000.

See the ad that aired last night below.

Source: Inside Line