Toyota RAV4 EV

What better place for a parade of electric vehicles than Santa Monica, California, the city that introduced a sustainability plan fifteen years ago, long before "going green" meant anything.

On Saturday, a few hundred spectators came out for the EV procession which featured 74 hybrid electric and full electric vehicles. It's no mistake that the parade was held just before the inauguration of President Elect Barack Obama. Organizers say that they wanted to push the new administration to follow through with the campaign promise of promoting alternative fuel vehicles.

The parade was led by Chris Paine, who made the movie entitled, "Who Killed the Electric Car," in 2006. The sequel, "Revenge of the Electric Car," is expected to be released this year.

"Car companies were rolling these [electric] cars out as a centerpiece of the Detroit Auto Show. If that's not revenge, I don't know what is," said Paine of automakers resurgent interest in EVs.

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Image: Cars Direct