Detectives in Indianapolis will soon be driving Toyota Camry Hybrids to crime scenes. The city has already purchased 85 of the hybrid vehicles and expects to buy more. Indianapolis Mayor, Greg Ballard, cited fuel economy and reducing pollution as the primary motives for choosing hybrids.

The cars cost the city $25,770 each and average 33 miles per gallon. Andy Mohr Toyota sold the vehicles to the city, much to the chagrin of the competing Penske Chevrolet dealership.

Penske representative, Michael Cheney, asked for an investigation of alleged collusion, noting that Penske had offered Chevy Malibu Hybrids at a $1,700 discount to the Camrys. City officials responded by noting the 7 mpg advantage that the Camry has over the Malibu in city driving. The city did not comment on the Malibu's inferior EPA Air Pollution Score.

Source: Indy Star, Image: Toyota