• 2011 Ford Vertrek concept

    Ford has made lots of changes to its model lineup of late, some of them remarkably quickly. Now comes word that the new Ford Escape compact crossover for 2013 may not include the Escape Hybrid model it has sold since 2004. We think that would be a terrible shame, because it takes off the market a unique vehicle: the only affordable hybrid crossover with mechanical all-wheel-drive. Vertrek previews new Escape The report was published by FordInsideNews, a website that follows Ford news, as part of a much larger rundown of what it says are Ford's latest product plans for the next 18 months. The...

  • 2011 Ford Vertrek Concept
    Now We Know: This Will Be The New 2012 Ford Escape Hybrid

    Ford was clearly one of the stars of last week's Detroit Auto Show, launching green vehicles and concepts across a wide range of fuel-saving technologies. The company unveiled just a single concept, the Vertrek crossover, but it's an important one. The production version of the Vertrek will be the...

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