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  • Black Chevy Volt 2

    Bob Lutz is the go to guy at GM to find out little tidbits of information about upcoming models.  He has an uncanny way of letting some information slip from time to time.  Perhaps slip is the wrong word, as Lutz tends to be outspoken in a way that his word are rarely cautious and typically deliberate. Case in point, Bob Lutz was recently asked if Chevy would produce a high performance SS version of the upcoming Volt and his response was, "I would not discount that possibility."  Lutz went on to state that the powertrain in the Volt is easily adaptable to an increase in on-demand power...

  • 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited
    Forbes Calls Jeep Grand Cherokee Dirtiest Car, Readers Slam Methods

    That old capitalist tool, Forbes magazine, has issued a list of the 10 dirtiest cars sold in the U.S. At the very top, in first place for filth, is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. But it turns out there are some problems with their list. There's history behind this. A decade ago, the website for Forbes...

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