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  • Consumer Reports tests Tesla Model 3 braking [CREDIT: Consumer Reports]

    A week after Consumer Reports announced that it could not recommend the Tesla Model 3 because of poor braking performance, a software update improved its performance sufficiently to earn the magazine's recommendation. Consumer Reports announced the update to the Model 3's ratings Wednesday. In the organization's updated emergency braking tests, the car stopped from 60 mph in 133 feet, on par with the BMW 3-Series, and earned the Tesla a good score. Prior tests measured the braking distance at 152 feet. READ THIS: Consumer Reports won't recommend Tesla Model 3 (Updated) Since braking is an...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3
    Problems dog Tesla Model 3 in Edmunds tests

    Hundreds of thousands of people waiting to order their Tesla Model 3s are also anxiously waiting for word of the car's reliability and build quality. Now Edmunds.com has released its second update on the early car that it bought, and the news isn't good. DON'T MISS: Some Tesla Model 3 cars haunted...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3
    Which Tesla Model 3 would you order or have you ordered? Twitter poll results

    Bragging rights don't rank high on the priority lists of Green Car Reports readers. At least, they don't if you consider the number of our Twitter respondents who hope to buy a Performance version of the Tesla Model 3. In the results of our latest Twitter poll, which asked the question: "Which...

  • 2018 Tesla Model X
    Tesla nearing limit of $7,500 federal tax credits, which will boost effective prices this fall

    Adding to Elon Musk's headaches this month, Tesla is about to hit the limit on federal tax credits for electric cars. This could effectively raise prices for buyers of the company's critical Model 3. The tax credits, passed in 2008 as part of the Energy Improvement and Extension Act and signed by...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3
    Tesla Model 3 gets over-the-air update for brakes

    In a tweet on Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company had started rolling out an over-the-air software update for its Model 3 electric cars to address a problem with their braking performance, a problem revealed by Consumer Reports last week. In the tweet, Musk said the update should improve...

  • Tesla factory, Fremont, California
    Tesla airlifts factory machinery from Europe to speed Model 3 production: Reuters

    Tesla airlifted six plane loads of factory machinery from Europe to California to speed up battery production for its Model 3 electric car, according to a Reuters report. Reuters cited two people familiar with the arrangement, who were not authorized to speak on the record. Transporting factory...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3

    When Tesla opened up orders this week for the all-wheel drive Dual Motor and Performance versions of its Model 3, some reports suggested it was early and might complicate the company's ability to ramp up to 5,000 units a week. Tesla emphatically says the move only represents the company sticking to its original rollout schedule, when it promised (repeatedly) to make all-wheel drive and Performance models available in the middle of this year. So which is it? The answer may be key to understanding how prepared the company is to maintain quality and reach its target of 5,000 Model 3s a week (now...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range electric car, road test in greater Atlanta area, Feb 2018
    Which Tesla Model 3 would you order or have you ordered? Take our Twitter poll

    Now that Tesla has opened orders for Dual Motor all-wheel-drive and Performance versions of the Model 3, lots of Green Car Reports readers waiting to order those models can see light at the end of the tunnel. That made us curious how many of you were holding out for those high-zoot Model 3s, which...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3
    Elon Musk announces Tesla Model 3 AWD, performance Model 3 specs

    It wasn't quite a message in a bottle, but Tesla boss Elon Musk tweeted Saturday night some specifications and a ballpark price for his company's long-awaited all-wheel-drive and performance versions of the Model 3. The all-wheel-drive Model 3 will add $5,000 to the base Model 3's price and offer...

  • Tesla Supercharger site in Rocklin, California, before expansion    [photo: George Parrott]
    Tesla expands Supercharger network as Model 3 rolls out

    As Tesla works to ramp up Model 3 output to two-three times the levels of its previous models, the company is apparently anticipating the need for more Superchargers to charge them. According to the crowdsourced website Supercharge.info, Tesla added 121 new Supercharging stations since the...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3
    IIHS rates Tesla Model 3 automatic emergency braking and forward collision warning

    After a spate of crashes involving drivers using Tesla's Autopilot system, the press is awash in speculation about its effectiveness. Now the IIHS, which rates accident avoidance systems across many automakers, has given the Tesla Model 3 its highest rating of "Superior" in its front crash...

  • 2014 Tesla Model S in China
    Report: Tesla moves to set up operations in China

    Following a report last year that Tesla has received approval to build a factory in Shanghai, the company is setting up independent operations in China. According to a Wall Street Journal report on Monday (subscription required), Tesla is the first automaker to take advantage of new Chinese laws...

  • 2018 Tesla Model 3

    As Tesla has been working to ramp up assembly of its more affordable Model 3 sedan, the company has also been adding features to existing examples with its over the air software updates. We spoke with Tesla to learn the extent of updates and found five updates that have been rolled out to existing Model 3 owners. These features will be built in to new Model 3s the company is building now. In February, Tesla beamed out a feature to allow drivers to contact roadside assistance directly from the "T" screen on the center of the dash CHECK OUT: Tesla Model S electric car: software changes since...

  • Tesla Model 3 Driving on a Public Road
    Elon Musk says all-wheel-drive, Performance Model 3s will be available to order this week

    In a tweet response Friday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that buyers waiting to order a Model 3 with all-wheel drive or the Performance package can begin placing their orders by the end of this week. Last month, Musk had said that the Dual Motor all-wheel-drive and Performance versions of the Model 3...

  • Tesla potentially teases Model Y
    Unidentified Tesla Model flashes by in video, but Y?

    Tesla fans are agog over a teaser video released Thursday in which a cloaked car appears around the 15-second mark. Many are speculating that it could be a Model Y, with its high-ish roof and what look like four doors. And it could be. Then again, it "could be" almost anything, including a leftover...

  • 2015 Tesla Model S 70D in new Ocean Blue color
    Tesla Model S Electric Car: Software Changes Since 2012 (UPDATED)

    Even though the Tesla Model S has retained its same basic shape since it went on sale in 2012, what's going on under the hood has been anything but stagnant. The automaker's over-the-air updates for the electric car have put the old guard on notice: People expect their cars to act like the...

  • 2014 Tesla Model S 'P85D' all-wheel-drive model
    NTSB launches investigation into another Tesla crash after it caught fire and killed two teens in Florida

    The National Transportation Safety Board announced Wednesday that it is investigating a crash involving a Tesla that killed two teens and injured a third in Florida. A gray 2014 Model S reportedly ran off the road Tuesday and struck a concrete wall before catching on fire and killing the two teens...

  • Honda Clarity series with Green Car Reports editor John Voelcker at Honda R&D Center, Tochigi, Japan
    Transitions at Green Car Reports

    If you can get them to admit it, many reporters and writers consider editors’ notes to be self-indulgent. Sometimes they’re necessary, however—and this is one of those times. Regular readers of Green Car Reports may have noticed that our writing staff has changed in the last few...

  • Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk at Tesla Store opening in Westfield Mall, London, Oct 2013

    Running Tesla, Space X, the Boring Company, and others apparently isn't enough. Elon Musk, the famed CEO of Tesla who says he hasn't had time to shower while ramping up production of the company's critical Model 3, now says he plans to start another company. In a war of words with fellow billionaire Warren Buffett on Twitter,Musk said, "I'm starting a candy company, and it's going to be amazing." I’m starting a candy company & it’s going to be amazing — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 5, 2018 The war of words came after Musk, in last Wednesday's earnings call at Tesla...

  • Tesla factory, Fremont, California
    Tesla reportedly locks out contractors in midst of Model 3 ramp up

    Last Wednesday, during Tesla's earnings call, we learned that CEO Elon Musk planned to restructure the company and to cut the number of contractors used at Tesla's factories. That day came suddenly this morning. Electrek reported this morning that it had obtained an internal memo from Musk noting...

  • 2018 Tesla Model X
    Report: Tesla kicked out from official investigation over fatal Model X crash

    Bloomberg reported Wednesday that the National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt called Tesla CEO Elon Musk to tell him that the automaker would be removed from an investigation surrounding a fatal crash in March that killed its driver, 38-year-old Walter Huang.

  • Tesla factory, Fremont, California
    Tesla earnings, cash-burn up; Model 3 production, barely

    The company has not reached its goal of producing 5,000 Model 3 cars a week, reporting a maximum production of 2,270 cars a week the week before it shut down the line the third week in April, which it said was to remove production bottlenecks.

  • Tesla Model S owner tests Autopilot system from back seat
    British man caught on video leaving driver's seat after turning on Tesla autopilot

    Patel set the Autopilot while he was driving up the country's busy M1 motorway, then climbed out of the driver's seat while the car piloted itself down the road.

  • Tesla Model 3 teaser image with Model S and Model X, March 2016
    If you can't order your Tesla Model 3 yet, how can you pick up a used Model S (or X) instead?

    We checked out several used Model Ses on Tesla's website, and found several in the Northeast for around $55,000, reportedly about the going rate for today's new Model 3s with the big battery pack, Autopilot, and a few sundry options.

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