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  • Honda launches Fit EV electric car and Accord plug-in hybrid test program in Torrance, CA, Dec 2010

    Honda has been slow to the game when it comes to plug-in hybrids and electric cars but at the recent 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show the automaker proved that it was not completely in the dark in this area. On display at the show was a new version of its Fit compact car powered by an electric drivetrain, as well as a platform for a mid-size plug-in hybrid vehicle. Soon after their debut, Honda announced public road trials of several prototype models. The first was a Honda Fit electric car and further down the track an Accord sedan fitted with the automaker’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain will...

  • 2010 Honda Insight 5dr CVT EX Grille
    Honda Doubles Down on Hybrids, Dumps Clean Diesel To Go Green

    Although Honda designed and sold the world's second hybrid-electric car, the 1999-2006 Insight, the company hasn't done nearly as well in hybrids as its larger rival Toyota. Now the company has reinforced its earlier suggestion that it would significantly beef up its hybrid efforts by providing...

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