Nissan Murano News

  • 2016 Nissan Murano

    What if a car is launched, ever so quietly, and no one notices at first? Does it exist? Such existential questions are posed by the recent discovery that Nissan is now selling a hybrid version of its Murano crossover utility vehicle, as of the current 2016 model year. DON'T MISS: Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid 'No Longer Available,' Infiniti QX60 Twin Vanishes Too (Jul 2015) The news was reported by enthusiast publication Car and Driver, which gave the vehicle's specifications and noted that it had quietly appeared on Nissan's website without an official announcement. The enthusiast publication...

  • 2014 Nissan Rogue SL
    Nissan Will Add Murano Hybrid, Rogue Hybrid In 2015 (Or So)

    The 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid hasn't quite hit the dealerships yet, but already Nissan is promising more models that use the same hybrid system. When they're redesigned during the next couple of years, both the Murano and Rogue crossovers will be offered with a hybrid option, Nissan said. The...

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