• BlueIndy Bolloré BlueCar

    Car-sharing is growing, in urban areas, among the young and old, and as a way to avoid the expense of a second vehicle. Sharing electric cars, however, is still in its early days. But one of the most ambitious experiments is BlueIndy, an electric car-sharing service modeled after the AutoLib system in Paris that's now operating in an American heartland city: Indianapolis. DON'T MISS: Indianapolis Electric-Car Sharing: We Drive BlueIndy's BlueCar (May 2014) We've covered BlueIndy a number of times, and actually drove a prototype electric car there in May 2014 during an electric-vehicle...

  • BlueIndy Bolloré BlueCars
    BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing Systems Opens Today In Indianapolis

    The BlueIndy electric-car sharing service is now open in Indianapolis.

  • BlueIndy electric-car sharing station and European Bollore BlueCar, Indianapolis, Indiana, May 2014
    BlueIndy Electric Car-Sharing Parking Spaces Fought By Indianapolis Businesses

    It always seemed unlikely, but the BlueIndy electric-car sharing program is getting closer to its rollout in the Midwestern city of Indianapolis, Indiana. The French-made Bollore BlueCar electric two-seaters are closer to arriving, and groups of Level 2 charging stations are popping up at curbsides...

  • 2013 Tesla Model S and 2011 Chevrolet Volt in garage; photo by George Parrott
    Indiana Utility: Electric-Car Owners Recharge FREE, At Night

    Electric-car owners know that home recharging is virtually always cheaper, on a per-mile basis, than driving on gasoline. In some cases, it's considerably cheaper. We recently reported on the sweet deal enjoyed by a Tesla Model S owner in Indianapolis, whose local utility charges just 2.3 cents per...

  • Indianapolis, by Flickr user ellenm1 (Used under CC License)
    Which City Will Have Most Hybrids, Electric Cars In Its Fleet?

    Indianapolis plans to deploy 425 electric cars and plug-in hybrids in its municipal fleet by 2016.

  • BlueIndy electric-car sharing station and European Bollore BlueCar, Indianapolis, Indiana, May 2014
    Indianapolis Electric-Car Sharing: We Drive BlueIndy's BlueCar

    While you might expect a city-wide electric car-sharing service in Paris--or perhaps progressive havens like San Francisco or Santa Monica--the midwestern city of Indianapolis may not be the first such place you'd look for an all-electric car-sharing plan. Nevertheless, the city announced the...

  • Bolloré launches BlueIndy electric-car sharing service in Indianapolis

    French firm Bolloré has made quite a name for itself in Paris, where its Autolib' electric car sharing service has tens of thousands of subscribers. Now, the company has launched a similar service to Indianapolis, called BlueIndy. Indianapolis mayor Greg Ballard has long been a fan of electrified vehicles, and in 2012 put in place a mandate to transition the city's fleet to hybrids and plug-in cars by 2025--helping to end reliance on foreign oil. ALSO SEE: Electric Cars For Speed Freaks: Which One Is Quickest? Ballard has worked closely with Bolloré to put in place the necessary...

  • ECOtality Blink DC fast charger plugged in
    Indianapolis Works Toward Totally Electrified City Fleet

    There's a lot of discussion about hybrids and plug-in electric cars being sold to private buyers. But some of the biggest gains in reducing emissions and running costs are likely to come from vehicle fleets. While individual car owners may suddenly have to take a car 100 miles instead of their...

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