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  • 2015 Honda Fit launch at 2014 Detroit Auto Show

    The all-new 2015 Honda Fit was unveiled this afternoon at the Detroit Auto Show--one of very few cars that could conceivably be deemed "green" at an event dominated by the huge new 2015 Ford F-150 full-size pickup truck. The new Fit is a complete redesign of the five-door subcompact that won raves for its interior space and versatility in its previous two generations, the last of which was launched in 2009. The 2015 model has more interior space in the same footprint, more refined interior features, a more powerful engine, better acceleration, and higher gas-mileage ratings than its...

  • 2015 Honda Fit
    2015 Honda Fit To Make 2014 Detroit Auto Show Debut

    The Honda Fit has always been a little different from other small cars. A little more zing, a dash more space inside and a much smarter interior layout than most. The new 2015 model looks set to continue those trends, but we'll know for sure from January as that's when the car will make its U.S...

  • 2014 Honda Insight
    Honda Insight Hybrid To Be Canned By 2015?

    Honda's Insight has never enjoyed the success of the Toyota Prius or even Honda's own Civic Hybrid, and it looks like the writing is now finally on the wall for the budget hybrid hatchback. According to Autoblog Green, sources within the company have revealed that some preparation procedures...

  • 2014 Honda City (Indian market)
    Is The 2015 Honda Fit Sedan India's Just-Launched Honda City?

    We know what the all-new 2015 Honda Fit hatchback will look like; that car was unveiled in Japan last July, and then went on sale in September there. But have we now seen what the sedan model of the 2015 Fit will look like as well? Yesterday, Honda Cars India unveiled the latest version of the...

  • 2013 Honda Civic EX-L
    2013 Honda Civic EX Automatic: Gas Mileage Advice To Reader

    Sometimes we get letters from readers asking for advice, or criticizing our reports on gas mileage. We're always happy to hear their experiences--but a bit of perspective is sometimes needed. Reader Marcus Witte recently sent us the following note (we've edited it slightly for clarity): Your review...

  • 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Supplies Tight In 'Rolling Release'

    The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid is proving unexpectedly popular, both in Japan and the U.S., and that's causing supply challenges for Honda. Two readers have contacted us in the last week to complain that they were unable to purchase the new Accord Hybrid, which Green Car Reports named its 2014 Best...

  • Honda FCEV Concept, 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show

    Honda presented a new concept car at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show that was powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Called the FCEV, the new concept is said to preview the potential styling of a successor to the FCX Clarity that is scheduled for launch in 2015, the same year close rival Toyota plans to launch its own fuel cell vehicle. Showcasing exciting and modern styling, the FCEV features a futuristic design that builds on themes expressed by Honda’s new Exciting H Design!!! styling language. We can also see some similarities between the FCEV and the FCX Clarity, such as indented shoulder...

  • 2013 Honda Civic HF
    2014 Honda Civic HF Rated At 35 MPG, Up From 33 MPG Last Year

    A new CVT gives the 2014 Honda Civic HF impressive fuel economy.

  • Honda Vezel (Japanese market model) at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show
    Honda Vezel Compact Crossover: Tokyo Motor Show Live Photos

    Not many vehicles on display at the Tokyo Motor Show will make their way to U.S. shores, but here's one that will. Honda unveiled the Vezel crossover at the show, going on sale in its home market as soon as December 20. It'll be a little while longer before the Vezel appears in the U.S, and it's...

  • New Honda Fit Hybrid (Japan-only model)
    2015 Honda Fit To Have 36-MPG Combined Gas Mileage Rating

    The new 2015 Honda Fit will have a combined EPA gas mileage rating of 36 mpg, according to Honda officials. That's the second-highest rating for any five-door subcompact hatchback, and notably improves on the current 2013 Fit's highest rating of 31 mpg. MORE: 2015 Honda Fit - preview In a company...

  • Uni-Cub β electric personal mobility device
    Honda Refines Uni-Cub Electric Personal Mobility Device

    Honda's Super Cub motorcycle is one of the most important motor vehicles ever made. With more than 60 million produced since 1958 it's done more to get people moving than any other motorized vehicle in history. Honda's electric Uni-Cub has done none of those things but its ethos is the...

  • 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, Catskill Mountains, NY, Nov 2013
    Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy: 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

    For 2014, our fourth annual Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy award goes to the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid. This new model of the redesigned Honda Accord sedan introduced last year is comfortable, quiet, stylish--and delivers real-world fuel economy from 40 mpg to as much as 52 mpg. And that's...

  • Honda FCEV Concept teaser sketch, 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show

    Honda has released a lone sketch to hint at the form of a new fuel cell concept debuting at this year's Los Angeles Auto Show. The company says the new FCEV Concept expresses a "potential styling direction" for a next-generation fuel-cell electric vehicle due in 2015--ready to meet Toyota's FCV-based production car head on in an expanding market of hydrogen vehicles. While only a small proportion of that "potential styling direction" can be seen in the concept drawing, it's clear to see that the concept will take at least some inspiration from Honda's upcoming hybrid NSX supercar, with a...

  • 2014 Honda CR-Z HPD Supercharged
    2014 Honda CR-Z HPD: Performance Up, Economy Down For Hybrid Hatch?

    Poor Honda. It launches the CR-Z, perhaps hoping to rekindle the spirit of the much-beloved 1980s CR-X lines, but when the car is released it doesn't really please anyone. As a sporty hatchback, it isn't fast enough for enthusiasts. And as a hybrid, it isn't economical enough. The 2014 Honda CR-Z...

  • 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring
    2014 Honda Accord Hybrid: First Drive Report

    Does the all-new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid really get 50 miles per gallon? And does it drive as well as a regular four-cylinder Honda Accord? To cut right to the spoiler: yes and yes. For some shoppers who already know and like the Accord, that might honestly be enough—once they run the...

  • 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Has No Transmission: How It Works

    The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid has no transmission. To be more precise, there's nothing in a form we'd normally recognize as a transmission—no conventional automatic transmission, no automated dual-clutch system, no belt-and-pulley continuously variable transmission (CVT) either. There's no...

  • New Honda Fit Hybrid (Japan-only model)
    No Start-Stop For 2015 Honda Fit To Avert Acceleration Lag: Report

    Honda says start-stop will make the 2015 fit too slow off the line.

  • 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
    2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Priced From $29,945, On Sale Oct 31

    The 2014 Accord Hybrid will be priced slightly higher than other midsize sedan hybrids, but it will also have class-leading fuel economy.

  • 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

    The official EPA-rated gas mileage figures for the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid are in, and they’re pretty much in line with those released by the automaker back in June. The popular family sedan scores a 50-mpg rating for the city cycle, a 45-mpg rating for the highway and a 47-mpg combined figure, making it not only one of the most fuel-efficient mid-size sedans on the market but also one of the most fuel-efficient hybrids. On a single tank of gas, owners can expect a driving range of 673 miles, which is 46 miles farther than any other vehicle in this segment, according to Honda. Key...

  • New Honda Fit Hybrid (Japan-only model)
    All-New Honda Fit On Sale Today (In Japan), Including Fit Hybrid

    Honda's all-new Fit launches today in its home country of Japan, and with it comes the latest version of the Fit Hybrid--with Honda's completely new hybrid drivetrain technology. Where once the Honda Fit Hybrid sold in Japan and Europe used the same mild hybrid Integrated Motor Assist (IMA)...

  • 2013 Toyota Prius liftback
    Does Toyota's Hybrid Leadership Blind It To Electric Cars?

    Many who follow the progress of plug-in electric cars wonder why Toyota, despite its leadership in hybrids, lags other carmakers in its electric vehicles. The business principle of The Innovator's Dilemma suggests that the company has been slow to embrace electric cars not despite its hybrid...

  • Honda Micro-Commuter Prototype  -  Tochigi, Japan  -  11/2012
    Honda Electric Micro Commuter Car To Begin Testing In Japan

    America's wide open spaces have never been conducive for small car sales success, but the story is quite different elsewhere. We already know how popular the tiny kei-class cars are in Japan, for example--but some automakers are exploring even smaller vehicles to meet future transportation needs...

  • New Honda Fit Hybrid (Japan-only model)
    All-New 2015 Honda Fit Appears, Hybrid Model Too (Not For U.S., Though?)

    The Honda Fit today is the oldest subcompact sold in the U.S., but there's an all-new one on the way. Now Honda has released the first official photos of the entirely redesigned Fit for the Japanese market, though only so far in the form of the Fit Hybrid model not sold in the U.S. The images show...

  • GM's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Milestones
    GM, Honda Latest Automakers To Collaborate On Fuel Cell Tech

    The puzzle is almost complete: General Motors and Honda have signed an agreement to work on the future of fuel cell technology. They're the latest large automakers to announce a fuel cell technology share agreement, as car companies continue to explore the future of alternative propulsion. GM and...

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