Honda currently doesn't offer any plug-in electric cars, and has only sold a small number over the past several years.

But the Japanese carmaker isn't quite done with cars with plugs.

It's installing a remarkable 120 charging stations at its U.S. headquarters in Torrance, California.

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Honda says the program is to encourage employees to use green cars for daily commuting, and to "prepare for a new generation of plug-in vehicles set to arrive by 2018."

The charging stations will be installed in two phases, the first of which is already underway, according to the company.

The installation will also include a publicly-accessible DC fast-charging station, which will be located on Harpers Way, adjacent to the Honda campus.

2012 Honda Fit EV electric car concept, launched at 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

2012 Honda Fit EV electric car concept, launched at 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show

It will open in 2016, and will offer DC quick charging for both the CHAdeMO and CCS standards. Drivers may have to pay a fee for its use, but details aren't yet available.

While Honda does not sell any plug-in cars at the moment, it has offered models in limited quantities over the past few years.

The Fit EV electric car was a "compliance car" built solely to satisfy California's zero-emission vehicle mandate.

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Honda offered the electric Fit in the Goldern State, as well as Oregon and a few East Coast markets.

It was withdrawn after Honda leased the 1,100 units required for compliance.

Cars were only available through a lease, not for sale, although Honda does offer a two-year extension now that the first of the original three-year leases has expired as of this past June.

2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid

2014 Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid

The Honda Accord Plug-In Hybrid has been pulled from the lineup as well, after selling only about 1,000 units over two years.

However, Honda has said it will launch two new plug-in models by 2018: a battery-electric car, and a plug-in hybrid.

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The company will not disclose any other details about these models.

In the meantime, Honda will also launch a production hydrogen fuel-cell car.

The unnamed model will debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later this month, and is expected to go on sale in Japan next year, with a U.S. launch sometime after that.


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