• 2011 Honda CR-Z

    About 5,600 CR-Z hybrid coupes from the 2011 model year are being recalled to update the control software for their electric motor. The goal is to avert a rare condition under which the car could move in an unexpected direction if the driver doesn't apply the brakes before restarting after stalling in gear with low battery-pack charge.

  • 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid, road test, Spring 2011
    2012 Honda Civic Hybrid: Multi-Day Drive Review

    The 2012 Honda Civic range, launched at last month's New York Auto Show, includes two models devoted to wringing out as many miles as possible from every last drop of gasoline. The one with the highest gas mileage is the 2012 Civic Hybrid, rated by the EPA at 44 mpg on all three test cycles: city...

  • Honda launches Fit EV electric car and Accord plug-in hybrid test program in Torrance, CA, Dec 2010
    Electric Honda Fit Hits The Road In CA, Accord Plug-In Hybrid To Follow

    Well, that was quick. Just one month after it unveiled the electric Fit EV prototype at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Honda is about to put the first of its electric subcompacts into daily use in southern California. Amusingly, it's in Torrance, where rival automaker and hybrid leader Toyota has its...

  • 2012 Honda Civic Concept preview
    2011 Detroit Auto Show Preview: New 2012 Honda Civic Concept

    News from next month's 2011 Detroit Auto Show is coming in almost daily now. The latest announcement: Honda will present the world debut of a concept car that shows the styling direction of its next--and crucially important--Honda Civic. In reality, this means that the Honda Civic Concept shown in...

  • Honda plug-in hybrid chassis
    Try Again: Honda's Big-Car Hybrid System Has Plug-In Ability

    It wasn't even at the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show, where Honda only showed a video of the new plug-in hybrid platform it only discussed But details of the new powertrain point the way toward a range of future hybrid Honda models. It uses two separate motor-generators, as does Toyota's Hybrid Synergy...

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