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    If you listen to conventional wisdom coming out of Detroit, you'd think that every single U.S. car buyer secretly wants a Suburban. Call it the bigger-longer-badder-better principle: Everyone wants the largest car they can afford. Often that's true. But not always. Sometimes people want the most appealing car, even if it's smaller. Conventional wisdom Consider the 2011 Ford Fiesta, the first subcompact sold by Ford since the early 1990s. Conventional wisdom said it would be at most a marginal car, because no sane buyer would want such a "tiny" car. And even if a few buyers did step up, they...

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    Are Hatchbacks Back? Five-Doors Are Two-Thirds of Ford Fiesta Sales

    The term "hatchback" has long been considered poison in Detroit, an indicator of a slow, cheap, tinny, undesirable econobox. (And when's the last time you heard "econobox," for that matter?) No one wants 'em, says the conventional wisdom. But conventional wisdom may be getting knocked upside the...

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta
    2011 Ford Fiesta Subcompact: You Gotta Wait Two More Weeks!

    The 2011 Ford Fiesta subcompact is one of the more eagerly awaited cars arriving in the U.S. market. Winning points for styling, equipment, and performance, it's Ford's first high-volume European car to be sold here. But eager buyers and test drivers will have to take a breath and wait for just a...

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta
    Are Goals For 40-MPG 2011 Ford Fiesta Subcompact Too Ambitious?

    We're eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the 2011 Ford Fiesta, the first truly modern subcompact from Ford in many years. The greenest Fiesta is rated at 40 miles per gallon on the highway, and the car has been widely praised for its dynamic styling, the high-quality interior, and an array...

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