• Mitt Romney

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has weighed in with his verdict on startup electric-car maker Tesla Motors: It's a "loser." So, for that matter, is another startup that's still in business, Fisker Automotive. The two car companies were lumped in with a pair of bankrupt businesses, lithium-ion cell maker Ener1 (which was later refinanced) and solar-panel maker Solyndra. All four companies received loans or grants from the Department of Energy and other agencies during the Obama presidency. Romney said, responding to Obama's suggestion that tax breaks for the oil and gas industry...

  • Ener1's Dropping Share Price (17 August)
    Electric-Car Battery Maker Ener1 Files For Bankruptcy, But Isn't Dead

    Last week, lithium-ion battery specialists Ener1 made an official filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Another firm to take advantage of U.S. Department of Energy loans -- an estimated $55 million to date -- Ener1’s bankruptcy has already become the latest pawn in the (mainly Republican) battle...

  • Ener1's Dropping Share Price (17 August)
    Lithium-ion cell maker Ener1 Stock To Be Delisted After Think Collapse

    Ener1 Inc., the battery firm charged with supplying battery packs to the ill-fated Think electric car company and parent company of EnerDel -- a $118.5 million U.S. Department of Energy loan guarantee recipient -- was officially delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange yesterday after it failed to...

  • Ener1's Dropping Share Price (17 August)
    Think Sunk: Now Its Primary Creditor, Battery Supplier Could Too

    It’s hard enough when two companies part company on good terms, but when one side of the business relationship leaves the other with a total of $105 million in unpaid bills things are going to get a little tough. That’s exactly what has happened to publicly-traded New York-based battery...

  • 2011 Think City 2+2
    Has Bankrupt Electric Car Maker Gone Russian? Da, We Think So

    It’s been bankrupt four times now, suffered delayed launches and even resorted to anthropomorphism to sell its excess stock, but now Norwegian electric car maker Think could be heading to Russia. Now with more twists than a badly subtitled daytime television Mexican telenovela, the story of...

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