• Montgomery County Community College: Green Parking Lot

    If you drive a plug-in electric or hybrid car, you may have encountered the reserved ‘green car only’ parking spaces that some towns, cities and businesses put in parking lots to reward you for choosing a green car. We’ve even heard of parking garages where owners of plug-in cars pay less than everyone else to park, but now a college in Pennsylvania is taking the idea of green-car only parking to the next level. Montgomery County Community College has just opened a parking lot adjacent to its Advanced Technology Center at its Central Campus exclusively for green cars and...

  • Road Trip
    Planning A Back-To-School Road Trip? Here’s How To Save On Gas

    If you’re preparing to return to college in the next few days -- or are a Freshman heading away from home for the first time -- your preparations probably include a long road trip. But with every cent you spend on gasoline diminishing your college fund, how do you make that heavily-packed...

  • GM's 'Stop pedaling, start driving' ad.
    GM Takes Heat For 'Stop Pedaling, Start Driving' College Ads

    To promote its college discount, GM recently ran ads advising students to 'stop pedaling and start driving,' which raised the ire of the League of American Bicyclists.

  • Zipcar will add the 2012 Ford Focus to its college car-sharing locations
    Ford Uses Zipcar To Get College Kids To Test-Drive Its Cars

    If you're an automaker, how do you get the next generation of car buyers to pay attention to your new models? One way has traditionally been by putting your cars into rental fleets. But some companies only rent to drivers 25 and up, so what to do about college students? For Ford, there's now a...

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