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2015 Acura NSX Hybrid

  • Acura NSX Concept, 2012 Detroit Auto Show

    At the start of this year, at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Honda’s luxury arm Acura wooed the crowds with the world premiere of its NSX hybrid supercar concept. At the time, Acura promised its new flagship car would be on the roads for 2015 and ran a Super Bowl ad so popular, it crashed Acura’s website. Now it looks as if Acura has moved its production schedule forward, with plans to premiere the production-ready re-imagining of its iconic supercar at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show in January. As Auto Express reports, the cat was let out of the proverbial bag by one of Honda’s...

  • Acura NSX Roadster prop from Avengers movie
    Acura NSX Hybrid Roadster Revealed In Avengers Promo

    Cool cars have always played big parts in movies, and now it's the turn of the Acura NSX Roadster, set to appear in The Avengers. The roadster version of Acura's hybrid sports car was spotted on set during filming last year, but Acura has now revealed that the NSX Roadster will be used by Tony...

  • Acura NSX Concept, 2012 Detroit Auto Show
    Acura NSX v Infiniti Emerg-E: Green Supercar Faceoff

    Thirty years ago, bedrooms all over the world were adorned with pictures of supercars like the Ferrari 288 GTO, Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 959 and Lamborghini Countach. At that time, very few of us worried about gas mileage, fuel economy or oil prices. All we wanted was a fast, sexy sportscar...

  • Acura NSX Super Bowl ad
    2015 Acura NSX Hybrid Super Bowl Ad So Popular, It Crashed Acura’s Website

    The chances are by now that even if you didn’t watch Super Bowl XLVI, you’ve watched all of the new TV ads which aired during the event last Sunday. That means you’ll also have seen the hilarious debut advert for Acura’s 2015 NSX Hybrid, staring Jerry Seinfield and Jay Leno...

  • Acura NSX Concept
    Acura Super Bowl Ad: What'd You Swap For NSX Hybrid Supercar?

    The stakes are high for Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday. Not just for the New York Giants and New England Patriots, though, but for the sponsors who spend millions on the precious seconds of advertising time during ad breaks. We don't know how much Acura's two minutes are costing to promote its 2015...

  • Acura NSX Concept, 2012 Detroit Auto Show
    Acura NSX Concept Hybrid Supercar To Be Built In U.S.

    Yesterday, we told you about Acura’s NSX Hybrid Concept Car, unveiled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. Then a few hours later, we treated you to our own photo gallery of the NSX unveiling live from the show floor, along with the news that it would reach production in 2015. Yesterday, we...

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