The stakes are high for Super Bowl XLVI this Sunday.

Not just for the New York Giants and New England Patriots, though, but for the sponsors who spend millions on the precious seconds of advertising time during ad breaks.

We don't know how much Acura's two minutes are costing to promote its 2015 Acura NSX hybrid supercar concept, but with a record 111 million from the U.S. alone tuning in to last year's Big Game, that's a lot of coverage.

Acura has drafted in Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno for the ad, called "Transactions", which follows Seinfeld doing his best to pay for the privilege of getting NSX number one from one very lucky customer.

After bugging him day and night with increasingly wild proposals, the customer is finally won over by the exhilaration of Seinfeld's network of Manhattan ziplines.

Unfortunately, Jerry never gets hold of the keys - as Jay Leno soars in at the last second with the promise of a jet pack flying squirrel suit... before grabbing the Acura's key and taking off with a menacing cackle. Leno!

It may be three years before the hybrid NSX hits the streets, but the car can't come too soon for the legions of Honda and Acura fans out there, starved of the sophisticated Japanese supercar ever since the first model ended production in 2005.

Like the original, the new NSX uses a mid-mounted V6 gasoline engine. This time however, it also uses Honda's high-tech Super Hybrid All-Wheel Drive system. That should ensure not only great performance, but unheard-of economy and low emissions for the supercar class.

It's expected to hit the roads in 2015. We wouldn't bank on you getting the first off the line though - Leno has probably already beaten you to it...


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