2014 BMW i3

  • BMW i3 Coupe concept

    No single automaker has yet sold 100,000 examples of an electric car. BMW is no different, and won't be for quite some time--as its full production electric vehicles, notably the i3 city car, are yet to hit the streets. But the German automaker has got that many people interested in its i3, at least--boasting that it has test drive reservations from 100,000 people around the world for the futuristic little vehicle. That's according to BMW sales boss Ian Robertson, reports Automotive News Europe. Robertson also says the company has "significant numbers of deposits" on the i3, which will be...

  • BMW i3 electric car undergoing winter testing, February 2013
    2014 BMW i3 Electric Car Price To Be Similar To BMW 3-Series?

    The production version of the BMW i3 electric car will be unveiled at September's Frankfurt Motor Show, and anticipation is building. How much BMW's first battery-electric car will cost is one of the biggest open questions. Now Ludwig Willisch, the CEO of the Bavarian maker's North American arm...

  • Screencap from web ad for the BMW i3
    Who Will Drive BMW i3 Electric Cars? Waify Metrosexuals, According To Ad

    Although its arrival is still months away, we already know a lot about the all-electric BMW i3. We have a good idea of its range (with and without the optional range-extender), we've hypothesized about its sticker price, and a few lucky journalists have even gotten to drive around in it. But...

  • BMW i3 electric car undergoing winter testing, February 2013
    Electric 2014 BMW i3 ReX Coming Dec, Lower Engine Power Confirmed

    The ranks of dedicated electric cars--those designed from scratch as plug-in vehicles--are thin. Come December, a fourth entry, the 2014 BMW i3, will join the three currently on the market (the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, and Tesla Model S). BMW officials confirmed last Thursday that the first i3...

  • BMW i3 Concept live photos, 2012 L.A. Auto Show
    BMW i3's Tall Skinny Tires To Boost Efficiency (And Cut Noise)

    Most people give them little thought, but tires are one of the most important components on a car. They are, of course, your only point of contact with the road. So ultimately, tires are responsible for everything from performance, through cornering, to efficiency and noise. Tires of the future...

  • BMW i3 electric car undergoing winter testing, February 2013
    BMW i3 Electric Car: ReX Range Extender Not For Daily Use?

    The upcoming 2014 BMW i3 electric car is generating a lot of quiet excitement--especially for its optional "ReX" range extender, a tiny two-cylinder engine that fits under the rear deck to power a generator. The i3 will be only the third high-volume dedicated battery electric car on the market...

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