Fisker on Monday announced a spike in reservations for its Ocean electric SUV, and began sketching out plans for a European launch.

The startup opened reservations for the Ocean on November 27, 2019—before actually unveiling the SUV at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show the following January.

Reservations had climbed to 8,871 as of October 26, founder Henrik Fisker tweeted that day. A graph accompanying the tweet showed that reservations spiked after two key events for the startup—the July announcement of a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) merger that allowed Fisker to go public, and a deal with Magna announced in October for manufacturing and engineering support.

In a press release, the startup also confirmed plans for a European headquarters in Munich, Germany, named "Matrix." Fisker's recently-announced global headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California, is named "Inception," in case you were wondering.

The startup also announced that Danish ride-sharing service Viggo had ordered 300 Ocean SUVs. However, Fisker doesn't plan to deliver any vehicles until later in 2022.

Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

After failing to make a deal with Volkswagen, Fisker earlier this month confirmed it would be turning to Magna to build the Ocean and provide engineering and a platform. Engineering work is proceeding apace, Fisker said.

"Co-located engineering teams across the world are effectively utilizing 22 out of every 24 hours to deliver the Ocean program through its first gateway, targeted for November 2022," the press release said.

Fisker previously revealed a number of details about the Ocean, although it's unclear if some of those will change now that it's built on a different platform.

A solar roof and vegan interior are among the sustainability nods within the vehicle, which appears to focus more on design than performance or technology.

And the price is still targeted at $37,499 before the EV tax credit—potentially giving the Ocean an advantage over the Tesla Model Y. If all goes according to plan in development.