Electrify America has reached a significant milestone for electric-car charging in California, the biggest market for EVs in the United States.

About 15 months after opening its first California charging station, the network has opened its 100th charging station in the state.

The 100 stations have a total of 400 individual plugs, and span the length of the state, according to Electrify America.

These include both 240-volt Level 2 AC stations, as well as DC fast-charging stations.

The network is funded using $2 billion of Volkswagen diesel-emissions penalties, as part of the German automaker's settlements with both the federal government and California state government.

California is slated to get $800 million from that total. That is being divided into $200 million installments issued every two and a half years.

Electrify America solar charging station

Electrify America solar charging station

The remaining $1.2 billion is earmarked for similar zero-emission vehicle infrastructure projects nationwide.

While Electrify America is a division of Volkswagen, its charging stations are open to electric cars from all automakers.

Electrify America is currently implementing the second phase, called Cycle 2, of its California plan.

Cycle 2 calls for expansion of charging infrastructure in both cities and rural areas, focusing on three new regions: the Riverside–San Bernardino corridor in eastern Los Angeles, and the Santa Cruz–Watsonville and Santa Rosa regions in Northern California.

Some California locations have solar-powered charging stations that are completely independent of the grid.

Electrify America has also made some investments beyond charging infrastructure, including funding car-sharing services in Sacramento, as well as an electric bus service connecting the capital city with Davis.