Goodyear has developed a "self-generating" designed to extend the life of tires, as well as make them more adaptable to different conditions.

The Goodyear ReCharge tire concept features a tread that can be replenished using fluid-filled capsules. So instead of replacing the whole tire, only the tread is replaced.

In a new as-you-drive approach to the idea of the retread tire, the tread compound is made from "biological material" reinforced with fibers based on spider silk, Goodyear said. The compound is completely biodegradable, according to the company.

It can also be adjusted based on climate and road conditions, Goodyear said. Artificial intelligence can be used to create a driver profile, allowing tires to be customized for individual users, according to Goodyear.

The structure of the ReCharge concept consists of a non-pneumatic frame with a tall-and-narrow shape. Because the tire is airless, drivers won't have to worry about maintaining pressures or fixing punctures, Goodyear noted.

Goodyear ReCharge concept

Goodyear ReCharge concept

While the regenerating tread compound is a novel concept, other companies have been experimenting with airless tires.

General Motors has tested Michelin airless tires, with an eye toward using them on a production electric car in 2024. The automaker has made cleaner tires a part of its long-term sustainability initiative.

And as the "tailpipe" emissions of cars are reduced through electric powertrains, the carbon emissions related to other parts of a vehicle--including the tires--will have to be looked at more closely. That's led tire manufacturers to try things like using orange peels and energy-recovery systems to make their products greener.